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Steve wrote:

"Peter was a very good man and a caring man.  I remember back in 1999, when I was planning to get engaged he helped me make that day even a more memorable one.  At that time I lived in the suburbs of Washington DC and was coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I was not really familiar with all the changes that the Lehigh Valley went through since I moved away in 1981 so I didn't know where to go for my very special evening.  I knew Peter would know so I gave him a call (from out of the blue) and he not only told me about a great romantic place to eat, he made a call and pulled some strings so I could have the main dining room to myself and my soon to be fiancé.   To top that, he arranged to have a four piece quartet play for my fiancé and me during the entire dinner.  He was a great guy and he will never be forgotten. We love you Peter. Your cousin, Steve"

Eileen wrote:

"in the late 1980s when Pete won a big case, Pete paid for a Disney World vacation for staff and spouses.  We all shared a condo ... it was quite anexperience to say the least! Another memory showing Pete's generosity was when watches with the Ambassador logo were being raffled off at one of the games, my 7 year old son was very upset that his number wasn't called; but, unbeknownst to my  son, Pete had a "special raffle" and his number was called... my son was ecstatic.  He is now 21 and still has that watch.”

Jimmy wrote:

"Hi I just found this site by surfing the web. Peter Karoly was my cousin and I miss him so much. His family used to baby-sit me when I was little and Peter actually gave me my first book on computers years ago, which got me interested in them till now, today I still have those books he signed. It's so sad about that tragic day of the plane crash and I think about him all the time. There is so much more I could write but don't have the words for, except that I miss u peter, R.I.P.                    Your cousin, Jimmy"
Peter & Lauren Memorial
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